Locks Rekey Service

Locks Rekey Service

According to experts, it takes three elements for a crime to happen: capability, motivation, and opportunity. If these things aren’t there, it is unlikely for there to be a crime. But when it comes to houses and business buildings, all that’s needed for one big bust is opportunity.

Typically, burglars spend no more than a few seconds trying to break into a property. If your locks are properly installed and strong enough to hold on, the intruder will be deterred. If they are not, the bust will go down. However, what if the thief doesn’t have to pick your locks? Hang on.

The previous owner or occupants may still have spare keys to that space with them. They could also have given keys out to some of their friends, families, neighbors, or contractors.

When you take possession of any space, you ought to make sure you have exclusive access to it. If not, you may really feel safe and secured. One way to do that is by rekeying the locks.

What Is Rekeying?

You can change your keys without changing your locks. Yes, you read that right. All locks have a chamber system that is tailored to accept only the keys they come with. But if some things in those chambers are changed, those original keys will no longer work.

Locks manufacturers have noticed this and now provide key chambers separately, each with its own set of keys. A professional locksmith should be able to change the chambers on your locks and make the set of old keys useless. Then, you will have a new set of keys that no one else has, all without necessarily changing your locks.

Rekeying is more cost-effective than completely replacing the locks. It helps you better your security quickly and painlessly. This is recommended for people moving into new spaces but is not yet financially prepared to upgrade the security of the place the replacement way.

Cost-effective Rekeying

At Superior Locksmith, offering locks rekeying is the way we help you get around the many hassles tied with improving your physical security. We do not just make it easier but also more affordable compared to the competition. We rekey locks in minutes!

Our residential, commercial, and industrial locksmiths can replace various locks and repair existing ones. Relying on an advanced security system is one of the best ways to ensure your safety. But, sometimes, you are not just ready for it. Why not call Superior Locksmith to rekey for you instead?

Our locks rekey services are cost-effective and way better than relying on unqualified personnel. If you have a high-security system on your property, we can still rekey them for you the right way. Besides, this is about not always having to rely on top-level but simple yet effective solutions that are immediately available.

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Superior Locksmith is your trustee company for all the best locksmith hands in Los Angeles. Should you want to rekey those locks, we’re sure the best way to go about it.