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It isn’t that cool to just leave your home, car, or place of business with weak or substandard, physical or electronic security. Those are things you need to protect most in life because of what they represent and carry.

You need to feel safe and comfy in these places, and one way to make sure of that is by hiring a professional locksmith agency local to your region. It isn’t much to ask, really.

Making sure your locks and keys are in harmony to make your lock-up system functional and effective is a way to keep and enjoy what’s yours. If you don’t, your house might start to feel like an ideal setting for The Purge

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About Superior Locksmith

Superior Locksmith is your one-stop shop for all things locks, keys, and security systems. We are all about installing, repairing, maintaining, and replacing every kind of physical or auto security system for homes, cars, and places of business.

Our team of highly experienced locksmiths can help you keep your locks, keys, and digital security units to work at 100 percent capacity. We’re devoted to keeping you, your family, your employees, your property, and your vehicle safe.

Superior Locksmith is a local company with international standards. We have tailored our solutions to serve clients in Los Angeles, but our approaches and work ethic are aligned with industry and global standards.

We do it professionally and expeditiously until there isn’t a single lock-up challenge in your property or automobile. Our technicians are quick, clean, and precise with their methods, having the right orientation for the line of work.


If you want to have peace of mind over the security of your home, business, or choice of automobile, you need to work with a reputable locksmith services provider. One of the best in town, our solutions outfit has spent several years in the industry and offers quality remedies for any lock-up issue you might be experiencing. We serve you quality by paying attention to the details and applying the right fix for every lock-up problem.

We are a fully licensed and incorporated company, meaning we have the go-head of the relevant authorities and are quite serious about offering these services. Superior Locksmith has made it a top priority to maintain high standards and deliver only quality results. Similarly, all our locksmiths are insured. As such, you don’t have to worry about the risks associated with this line of work. However, you have completely nothing to bother with because we are extra-careful as well.

There’s no gainsaying in the reality that you are better off working with a reliable locksmith solutions agency like Superior Locksmith. Should you take the low road by paying an unqualified personnel to work on your locks, you might be putting your security—and hard-earned—cash in jeopardy. Not only can you end up with a botched job, but also feel utterly ripped off. To avoid what’s actually avoidable, work with people who have your best interest at heart.

Superior Locksmith has your best interest at heart! That is why we ensure that all our locksmiths are constantly trained. They are also equipped with cutting-edge tools—both physical and digital—to correctly apply effective solutions to your lock-up system. The technicians do not just come with the right gear, but also with our khaki uniform and other protective equipment.

Why Superior Locksmith Is The Best For You

All our locksmiths are friendly, transparent, and polite when working with you. They join hands with you to determine the best solution to meet your needs and fit your budget. Superior Locksmith makes it easy for you to acquire valuable locks and keys with your money and make domestic, commercial, or automotive insecurity a thing of the past. Our services are affordable, as one of the lowest-priced in the market.

What We Can Do For You

Locks Installation

Well, well, well. Take a look at that property. It’s such an edifice and befitting place to live or do business in, but there would be a problem if it’s not secure from the inside out. Are you building a new structure for your family or setting up an office from scratch? Or, maybe there’s that desire to change the locks to the space you just rented. Be as it may, thinking this way means you need locks installation of the highest standards. Say no more. Superior Locksmith has been installing locks since before the making of Harry Potter, so we’re pretty much experienced when it comes to sourcing and setting. We can help you get the most suitable lock-and-key products directly for the manufacturer (no fakes) and effectively set them up on your doors and windows. We exist to make your living or office space private, secure and lock-tight. Our locksmiths can install any lock type, so all you have to do is choose.

Locks Maintenance

For residential, commercial, and automotive clients, Superiors Locksmith has a pack of packages for locks maintenance. Whether you use traditional lock systems, their digital counterparts, or a high-security model, our locksmiths can maintain them as often as they should and in the most effective capacity. We have different packages you can choose from, depending on the scale of your property’s lock-up. Nevertheless, there is no security system we cannot keep at optimal. When it comes to locks maintenance, Superior Locksmith has hundreds of homes and businesses in Los Angeles under its belt. We have been sleeping locks whole and strong for the past several years. As such, we now have a firm understanding and handle on taking care of locks for the residents and business managers of the city. Whether you live in the remote parts of town or up in the hippy areas, our locks maintenance services are accessible.

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Locks Replacement

The time has come, hasn’t it? Well, we recommend that a door lock should be changed at least once every 6 years. Nevertheless, when a lock goes into the recycle bin depends on several factors. If you rarely use the lock, it has more chances of serving your long. But, alas, all things do come to an end. When it’s time to make changes, you ought to carry on to make sure that the security of now is way better than that of yesterday. Replacing locks is no simple sport but Superior Locksmith has it on lockdown. One of the best locksmith services providers in Los Angeles, we are committed to improving the security of your home, business, or vehicle. So, whenever you need those locks to be repaired, we come right through to professionally assist. Our locksmiths always strive to exceed your expectations, leaving you extra-satisfied.

Locks Repair

Does your key get stuck inside the chambers of the locks when you try to lock it? Are you finding it hard to twist the key inside the hole Do you spend 15 minutes to open your front door and leave it unlocked because you don’t want to face the same challenge on your way out? Well, in as much as there is more where these questions come from, it’s already obvious that they all need the same thing: a locksmith with a firm grip on repairing any lock type. Unless you are deeply confident in your DIY skills, you need to call Superior Locksmiths to come to have a look. Besides, it is recommended to not take on lock-up tasks all by yourself. Even if you have the skills, you may not have the skills and update to effectively repair the locks on that door. It’s best to delegate the responsibility to a trustworthy agency, like Superior Locksmith. We take every stress and worry away with our premium-quality offerings.

Los Angeles Emergency Services

Feeling like there’s no one to assist you when you are locked out of your house in the middle of the night? Thinking about smashing the driver’s window glass of yours so you can unlock the doors because you locked the keys inside? Questions upon questions, but only one answer: Superior Locksmith offers 24/7 emergency services to clients in Los Angeles. This applies to all our clients in all parts of the city—and even in the outskirts.Our team of residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive locksmiths works together to provide prompt and immediately effective solutions. Whether there’s a public holiday, an evening curfew, a midnight lockout, or an early morning key damage, you can get urgent attention for these challenges pronto. When you work with Superior Locksmith, you’ll understand just how much we value you and your security. We go to lengths to make sure you get what you deserve.

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We Are Here 24/7

Superior Locksmith is available to speak with you anytime and any day. Just give us a call at (310) 742-1224 or drop a message in our [email protected] mailbox. Just tell us what you need and will get back to you at the speed of light.

Why Choose Superior Locksmith

Admittedly, Superior Locksmith is not the only lock-up solutions provider in Los Angeles. There are many of us out here, as a matter of fact. But, here’s what makes us different:

Correct Paperwork

Superior Locksmith, as mentioned before, comes with proper licensing from the authorities and we are incorporated in the state—and country. Because we are fully licensed, our locksmiths are the ones you should always be on the lookout for. Most locksmith services providers in town are not green-lit by the local or state government, let alone being nationally incorporated. We take business seriously, and that’s why we go to this extent to please you. Our company’s staff are all certified personnel. Our locksmiths have different certifications under their belts and have keyed into lots of training in their line of work. They undergo tutelage in professional institutions and align with industry leaders to proffer cost-effective solutions to physical and security problems. When you work with us, you are saved from the worry of safety and quality. We bring you nothing but the best, so we come paper-prepared.

Insurance & Safety

When was the last time you worked with a home improvement contractor? Did you ask him or her to provide you with proof of insurance? You see, when you are hiring someone or a group of people to work on your property, you need to ensure you are not liable for whatever mishap might transpire in the process. As much as we have never had a serious accident on-site, all our locksmiths have their own insurance, protecting them—as well as you—from risks and harm. At Superior Locksmiths, all our technicians undergo frequent background checks to make sure they are safe to work with. That way, you are sure that the people coming into your home to assess your security are trustworthy genuines. Rest assured that there is no place for loopholes or cutting corners because one of our practices is going hard, no matter the extent of the job. Our locksmiths do it the safe way, so none of your belongings (especially your doors) are affected in the process.

Proper Equipment

One of the things that separate a professional locksmith from a quack one is the kind of tools they carry. While unqualified handymen are mostly about hammers, pliers, and other regulators tools, technicians from Superiors Locksmith carry toolboxes full of gear—like plug spinners, pinning blocks, and key decoders. We come prepared for any type of issue, and that’s one of the reasons we are always successful. Our locksmiths are also well-trained to operate these tools. With the right equipment, we can offer you custom-tailored solutions. With them, our locksmiths are also able to work fast and precisely on your locks. In emergencies, these tools are a vital part of our work. We use them to get you back in your house or level up your business’ security right after an attempted break-in. See how Superior Locksmith strives to provide you value? It’s our delight to see you satisfied, comfortable, and safe.

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Do you have some questions to ask us about the security of your residence or place of business? No matter how many there are, our in-house comms team is bound to respond in the shortest possible time.  All you need to do is give us a call. Our phone number is (310) 742-1224. Alternatively, you can drop us an email via [email protected]. We will always come back to you.

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