Locks Change Service

Locks Change Service

No doubt, repairing a lock is one of the most cost-effective ways for homeowners to better their physical security. Sometimes, though, the only option available is to completely change them.

When Should A Lock Be Changed?

A door lock can be repaired if all its integral components are intact. Plus, they all need to be in perfect working conditions.

Our technicians won’t be able to tell whether you need a chance of locks or not until they have examined the state of the existing one. If the problem is out of hand already, they will recommend a change, If not, they will repair it.

Essentially, your lock is past repair when it has been damaged beyond the repairing stage. Blunt external force, constant pressure, and frequent use are common things that damage locks.

If a burglar attempts to break your door, the locks on it can be damaged in the process. This often happens with doors subject to high traffic. However, it is recommended to change your locks as often as every 5 years.

Fast & Effective Locks Replacement

Typically, locks need to be replaced if you can afford to do so every time they develop a major issue. While repairing can be 99 percent possible in some cases, replacing it makes more sense—especially after attempted break-ins.

With the help of our experienced technicians, those locks should be changed in 20 to 30 minutes. But that depends on the grade of the lock involved and the method applied to uninstall and reinstall. In some cases, it takes less than 20 minutes and takes more than 30 minutes in others. It all depends on what we have on the ground.

Superior Locksmith’s turnaround time is much faster when you are installing the same model of locks as the previous one. When this is the case, the door will be already primed for a locksmith to insert the locks, easily.

But if you are replacing an entirely new lock—or an upgrade altogether—the technicians will spend a bit more time on the job.

No Harm, No Damage

A part of you might be wondering whether your door is at risk of getting damaged when locksmiths are replacing your locks. Firstly, that depends on the solutions provider you choose. Unqualified personnel are known to hammer on locks and shift door hinges.

But with a pro smithy team like Superior Locksmith, the chances of that happening are very low. Supposing the damage on the locks has already extended to the door, our locksmiths won’t be creating any more issues, but solving them.

Ideally, your door should come to no harm when the locks are being changed. Our well-trained technicians are equipped with the tools and know-how to handle lock changes—or replacements—without causing any havoc. Rest assured that your door is safe, as we’ll treat it with utmost care.

Still Not Convinced?

Are you still unconvinced regarding why you should choose Superior Locksmiths for your locks replacement? For several years we have been replacing locks for homes and businesses in Los Angeles. Professional, committed and affordable, we are a service you must try.